Our Manufactured Machines are all
Heavy Duty & Robust

Shrink Wrapping Machines. 25 years of reliability

Uwrap Ltd have been manufacturing shrink wrap machinery systems for over 25 years for customers in the UK..EU and the USA.We know what is required to make the very best and most reliable machines supplied to our customers.

Our machinery is always designed with the end user in mind.simplicity is always the key...

Whether you are interested in our combination machine, chamber machine, large L sealing machinery, sleeve sealing machines, fully automatic machines we can advise you of the most practical efficient way for you to achieve your goal. We also offer the facility for customers to visit shrink wrap machinery already installed and working at production facilities throughout the UK.

More Videos are availible on our New Machinery Page

Our team here are hugely experienced in wrapping machinery projects so if you need to talk to us regarding your packaging and shrink wrapping needs, we will only be to glad to advise. If you are new to shrink wrapping we have excellent demonstration facilities for you to view and try the machines out. We also supply film to suit all presentation pack requirements or for packaging protection in transit materials.

Uwrap provides standard shrink wrap machines but also bespoke packaging and shrink wrapping machinery. These machines are tailored to the customers pack requirements and speeds and can easily work out cheaper than a standard shrink packaging machine. These bespoke systems are manufactured throughout our range from our low volume basic plug in and go machine, all way through to our fully automated systems.